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CB Collision

CB Collision Wins Bid For Nashville Public Auto Body Work


CB CollisionCB Collision Inc., a full service Nashville auto repair shop, has won a bid to handle all Nashville public auto body repair work.


The winning bid was decided with consideration for CB Collision‘s history of service to the greater Nashville area and the trust that city officials place in the company and its owner, Chad Gary. Gary is a Nashville native with over 28 years of experience in the auto body repair industry.


“We’re proud to be able to provide services for the city of Nashville and we intend to treat every damaged public vehicle with the care and quality workmanship that we deliver to all of our customers,” a spokesperson for CB Collision said.


The company recently purchased a 40,000 square foot service garage, located between Nashville International Airport and downtown Music City. The new facility is located at 911 Elm Hill Pike and provides ample room for CB Collision‘s auto body experts to perform repair services on public vehicles as well as repair services for privately-owned vehicles of all makes and models.


CB Collision offers a variety of services to Nashville-area customers with specializations in auto body repair and fine detailing. The independent, family-owned business has gradually built a reputation as a fast and trustworthy Nashville institution.


“We’re honored to have the winning bid, because the city government can be hard to impress,” said the CB Collision spokesperson. “We treat all of our customers fairly and give each repair job personal attention from an experienced team of professionals. It’s exciting to be able to provide those services to the city of Nashville.”



CB Collision provides detailing, auto body repair, cleaning and a variety of other services to hundreds of customers in Davidson County. They can be reached at (615) 748-8680 from 7:30AM to 5:30PM Monday through Friday.

CB Collisions is an auto repair shop in Nashville. The shop has been established and owned by the famous operations expert – Chad Gary. Gary is a native of Nashville, and he has over 28 years of experience in the Auto body repair industry. The Web page profiles of the company reveal that CB Collision has recently purchased 40,000 square foot of land for garage. It is located between Nashville airport and the Downtown music city. It has also opened a new facility in 911 Elm Hill Pike, for providing repair services to privately-owned vehicles. Chad Gary of CB Collisions has made his name among the top-performing CEO profiles. He and his team work diligently to provide detailed and efficient auto body repair to the locales of Nashville and Davidson County. Recently, the company has received a bid to handle the public transportation of Nashville. This family-owned business has steadily developed into an institution in Nashville.


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